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Skara Hästland – Horse region of Skara

In an area just outside Skara in West Sweden there is a race course for trotting horses, called Axevalla, and quite nearby there is a riding school with horses and ponies. The riding school had new stables and a new arena for riding just last year.

In the race course there is also a course for Icelandic horses, as well as a big inside arena for competition and shows. It is often used for western horse competitions as well as for exhibitions and different kinds of gradings.
There are also students on the premises, on college level as well as adult students, learning to become farriers. Head of the education is Västra Götalandsregionen (Region of Västra Götaland).

There is also a school where children, youngsters and adults learn trotting, run by the race course.

Finally there are stables for trotting horses, a veterinary clinic and a retailer of equipment and clothing for western riders, trotting and Icelandic riders on the premises.

Skara Hästland is an organisation working to connect different parts of the Equestrian world to one another, and facilitate them to work together.
Another purpose is to strengthen professionals in the Equestrian world by building networks.

The organisation was founded in 2013 by Skara kommun (the Municipality of Skara), Västergötlands travsällskap (The society that runs Axevalla race course) and Skaraortens Ryttarförening (The riding club of Skara, that runs the riding school)

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